Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The Mathematics Department at Ashland University was well represented at the Spring meeting of the Ohio Section of the Mathematical Association of America, held on the campus of Youngstown State University, March 25-26, 2011.

Dr. Cathy Stoffer, Dr. Vickie Van Dresar, Dr. Christopher Swanson, Dr. Gordon Swain and Dr. Thomas Dence, as well as several AU students, attended the conference.  Some gave talks and others participated in a Mathematics competition.

Dr. Gordon Swain was one of the featured invited speakers to the conference.  He gave an hour talk titled "On Lines and Parabolas, Again and Again."

Dr .Thomas Dence delivered one of the contributed talks, titled "Residues Modulo a Prime."

Dr. Christopher Swanson served as a mentor and coordinator for the six Ashland University students who participated in the conference by delivering contributed talks.  The students who gave presentations at this conference were:

Kara Biltz "Exploring the Platonic Relationship Between Probability and Yahtzee"
Niko Blankenship "A Different Look at March Madness"
Alayne Ruggles "Weird Dice"
Nicole Peterson "Sequences and Balanced Distributions"
Polly Widmer "To Be, or Not to Be, Dry!"
Donnie Dottei "Baseball's Record Breaking Math"

Under the direction of Dr. Dence, nine students braved serious competition, and fared quite well, in the Leo Schneider Ohio Student Mathematics Contest.  The students who participated were:  Kara Biltz, Niko Blankenship, Clay Harris, Nicole Peterson, Alayna Ruggles, Makenzie Sauder, Cara Whitcomb, Polly Widmer and David Woods

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