Friday, April 12, 2013

MAA Conference

Faculty members and students from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science recently attended the Spring Meeting of the Ohio Section of the Mathematical Association of America at Denison University. 

The faculty members attending were 
  • Dr. Cathy Stoffer, Dr. Chris Swanson, Dr. Vickie Van Dresar and Dr. Darren Wick.
Six students participated in the annual Leo Schneider Student Team Mathematics Competition
  • Joey Ciaccia, Kate Fleming, Stacee King, Anna Payne, Megan Raber, and Rob Woodward
Three students presented contributed talks at the meeting
  • Kate Fleming – “Variations on the Monty Hall Problem”
  • Stacee King – “Subtriangles and Their Implications for Creating Subrectangles” 
  • Megan Raber – “Decimal Expansions Involving Fibonacci Numbers”

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