Thursday, November 7, 2013

Good Luck to AU Students Competing in ACM Regional Contest this Saturday!

Good luck to our students competing this weekend in the Association of Computing Machinery regional  programming contest at Youngstown University.   This challenging 5-hour competition tests logic and problem solving skills.  It’s a great opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real industry problems. 

Students participating will be Ben Bushong, Kenny Bogner, Kees Edwards, Cameron Goodson, Paul Pernici, and Chris Yocum.  Freshmen observers/trainees Rupesh Maharjan and Nazmul Rabbi will also attend.  Faculty coaches are computer science professors Paul Cao and Boris Kerkez.  

Best wishes for an educational and fun weekend of social and computer networking!

(Photo shows Joseph Hemperly, Cameron Goodson, and Chris Yocum at last year's competition.)

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