Thursday, December 3, 2015

Math 450 Presents "Designing a Table Both Swinging and Stable"

In an article from the September 2008 edition of The College of Mathematics Journal, Greg N. Frederickson analyzes Howard Eves’ physical approach to designing a table both swinging and stable. The physical construction of this table was based off of Henry E. Dudeney/Charles W. McElroy’s geometric dissection discovery in 1902. The idea behind this discovery was to transform an equilateral triangle to a square using hinged dissection.

          Frederickson takes us through the history and thought process behind this idea as well as the difficulties faced by these men as they constructed this design. He also takes into account the improvements that needed to be made and those that have been made to the overall design. Who knew the construction of only one table could yield two entirely different shapes? By the end of this presentation you’ll be tempted to build this geometrically savvy table yourself!

Frederickson, Greg N., “Designing a Table Both Swinging and Stable.” The College Mathematics Journal 39.4 (2008): 

Math 450 Presents
Designing a Table Both Swinging and Stable
by Ashley Herman
Tuesday, December 8, 2015
1:40 p.m.
Patterson 301
Come join us! All are welcome.

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