Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2016 ACM Programming Contest

Congratulations to the Ashland University students that participated. Twelve computer science students participated in the 2016 ACM East Central North America Regional Programming Contest that was held at Youngstown State University on Saturday, October 29, 2016. The students were split into four teams. The teams were:

AU Eagles (Nicholas Hurst, Justin Wallace and Mohammed Bawazeer)
AU Purple (Rupesh Maharjan, Brady Douglas and Tyler White)
AU Tuffies (Erich Berger, Kelly Fullin and Aaron Bradfield)
AU Golden League (Nathan Ahrens, Renee Lucas and Brennan Kunkel)

For the first time in history of AU participation in the contest, each of the four AU teams solved 1 problem. Below are some stats:

1. AU Tuffies solved 1 problem in 1 attempt in 81 minutes. The team submitted 1 attempt for a second problem but did not solve it.
2. AU Golden League solved 1 problem in 1 attempt in 140 minutes. The team also submitted 11 attempts for a second problem, but none were correct.
3. AU Eagles solved 1 problem in 1 attempt in 170 minutes.
4. AU Purple solved 1 problem in 4 attempts in 186 minutes (126 actual minutes + 60 minutes in penalties for 3 unsuccessful attempts.)

Congratulations to all 12 students!

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