Thursday, October 31, 2013

Math 450 Senior Seminar presents "Batting Statistics" on Tuesday, November 5

The season may be over, but the statisticians are still working.  Join actuarial science senior Brittney Anderson for a look at the complexities of calculating this basic baseball stat.

Math 450 Senior Seminar
"Batting Statistics"
by Brittney Anderson
Tuesday, November 5
3:05 - 3:55
in Patterson 324

Abstract: Batting averages in baseball are used to determine the chance of a batter hitting the ball. There are different ways to find a batting average - one way is to build a probability model. We will create a probability model to estimate a player’s batting average. We will also look at the different types of bias that can occur because of this probability model. A great deal of logic is involved when determining whether a batter is likely to hit the ball based on their batting average. Although it seems that only basic division is needed to calculate batting averages, we will see that there can actually be much more mathematics involved.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

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