Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Senior Seminar Presents "How to Move Your Brick Collection," Tuesday, October 8

Senior integrated math major, Megan Raber will show how math can predict different ways to fill a container -- handy if you have a lot of bricks to move.

How to Move Your Brick Collection
by Megan Raber
Tuesday, October 8
3:05 - 3:55
in Patterson 324

Abstract: When given a box to pack with bricks, not everyone will stack the bricks in the box the same way. Some may stand the bricks up, some may lay the bricks down flat, and some may even do a combination of both. When given a box, how many different ways can you place the bricks in the box to pack it? Using direct counting and linear algebra we will create an equation to determine how many ways we can pack a 2x2xn box with 1x1x2 bricks. Everyone is welcome to attend!

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