Monday, April 6, 2015

Math 450 Senior Seminar Presented "The Monty Hall Problem" on Tuesday, March 24

Sean Burns presented the Monty Hall Problem at the Senior Seminar held on Tuesday, March 24. The Monty Hall Problem has an infamous reputation for its counter intuitive solution. You have a choice between three doors; one contains a car, the others contain goats. After you pick a door the host, Monty Hall, opens a different door revealing a goat. He then offers you a chance to switch doors. Do you switch? The answer is that switching increases your odds of winning. This solution has been so  paradoxical that the problem is arguably more famous than the show, Let's Make a Deal, that it came from. This has inspired several proofs to show just why this is the case. This undying fascination with the Monty Hall Problem has created many variations. One of these is the Progressive Monty Hall Problem, with more doors hiding goats and more chances to switch. Another is a generalization of the Monty Hall Problem with arbitrary numbers of cars, doors, doors that you pick, and doors that Monty reveals.

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