Monday, April 6, 2015

Math 450 Senior Seminar Presented "Welcome to Prime Time" on Tuesday, March 31

Alex Lillich presented Welcome to Prime Time at the Senior Seminar held on Tuesday, March 31. Lillich's presentation focused on the prime integers and all the work that is done with them. As many know the prime numbers are still somewhat of a mystery to us and mathematicians are constantly at work to learn more about them. Lillich covered the basics of what a prime number is and started out with proofs of primes. He also discussed how the prime numbers are laid out throughout the number line and how arithmetic progressions can relate to the primes. Another topic that was discussed was twin primes and how they are studied and utilized. He also shared a couple of the more interesting theorems he found and worked out how the proofs of those theorems work. Lillich ended the presentation with some details on the current research done with primes.

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