Thursday, June 2, 2016

2016 Ohio MAA Meeting

Six Ashland University Students participated in the Ohio MAA Math Competition. They were: Aaron Arnold, Emily Law, Grace McCourt, Susanne Silvernail, Ashlyn Smith, Michael Woode. They attended the spring meeting of the Ohio Section of the Mathematical Association of America and participated in the 2016 Leo Schneider Student Team Competition.

There were 20 teams that competed with the Designated Derivers (Grace, Emily and Michael) finishing in 5th place and Team Newton (Ashlyn, Susanne, and Aaron) finishing in 10th place. Comparing our results to the top teams from other universitites, Case Western, Marshall University and Cleveland State University had higher scoring teams, the Designated Derivers beat the top teams from Ohio Northern University and the University of Akron and both teams beat the top teams from Wittenberg University, the University of Findlay, St. Francis University, Malone University and Bethany College.

This is a strong showing by both teams. We hope to finish in the top 3 in Spring 2017 as all of these students will have at least one additional year of eligibility.

In addition to the team competition, Grace McCourt, presented a contributed paper titled "Cover Pebbling Numbers" based on research sh conducted as part of her Honors contract course in discrete mathematics.

Congratulations to all the students that attended and competed at the spring 2016 Ohio MAA Math Competition.


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